Costa Azul Restaurant & Lounge

Cheese Croquettes

Cheese croquettes in guava glazed

Dorado Chicharrones

Dorado with pickled peppers and onion in a ginger marinade with tartar sauce.

Costa Azul Fries

with coriander and truffle aioli, chives and parmesan cheese

House Fries

delicious fried potatoes that may accompany any plate. Add truffle oil $2

House Bread

brioche bread bun, served with a sweet smoked paprika compound butter.


cooked with lemon and chipotle peppers, served with fries

Assorted Cheese Platter

an assortment of four cheeses selected by the chef, with mixed greens, bread, and a fig marmalade

House Salad

mixed greens with a lemon honey vinaigrette, parmesan cheese, tomatoes and bread croutons

Ahi Tuna Salad

grilled ahi tuna with a honey sesame sauce, served with mixed greens, chives, tomatoes and sweet drops

Grilled Octopus

marinated in oregano vinaigrette, served with a sweet tomato chutney and coriander aioli